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About Us

Welcome to Primero! We are a relaxed urban eatery serving easy going comfort cuisine and drinks to the Classic-Urban City. Located in the legendary Argos Cafe premise inside Stockmann shopping building in Helsinki centre. The Primero menu is built upon a collection of casual recipes, also classic dishes on the Deli-Cafe side.

Named after the Spanish word “Primero” that means “First” and in this case is referred to being in the first floor. Primero has an amazing view to one of must nicer streets in Helsinki and a relax-friendly decoration where you can feel the urban vibes from the city. We hope that this restaurant serves as a relaxed gathering place for everyone. Open by Manu Torchio a mexican-italian chef that is been living in Finland for the past 9 years and he's trying to be part of the always evolving restaurant scene in Helsinki.

- Manu Torchio, owner

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